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Enroll in The American Association of Hypnotherapists

If you wish, you can enroll in the American Association of Hypnotherapists by completing our certified instructor's training course.

The certification fee is $135.



To become an AAH member you must have successfully completed an approved AAH course.

Most importantly, you must not have been convicted of a felony or have served any jail time whatsoever. We will not accept as an AAH member, nor for certification, any registered sex offender. There are no exceptions to this ruling. Our Board will only accept individuals who prove to be professionally qualified for membership in this field and with no criminal record.

We are the only Hypnotherapy Board to screen its members, thus maintaining our organization's high standards and ensuring that our profession is one for all to enjoy.

These strict standards must be maintained for two reasons:

1) To maintain the public's positive perception of Hypnosis.

2) To comply with new laws, as the States are now starting to regulate hypnosis.

We investigate any and all complaints of wrongdoing of any AAH member and take whatever appropriate action may be deemed necessary. Consequently, we will always maintain the highest level of professionalism.