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Code of Ethics

The maintenance of high ethical standards is of the utmost importance to support the professional standing of Hypnotherapists internationally. All members of the American Association of Hypnotherapists agree to conduct their practice methods according to the strictest ethical Code as outlined below:

1. Professionalism – All AAH members will conduct themselves and their sessions at all times in a professional manner and in a professional setting, and only within the limits of their own training, putting the client/patient/student best interests above all other considerations.

2. Confidentiality - All matters, written or verbal, between the AAH member/therapist and client/patient/student will be kept confidential. No third party will be allowed access to any confidential AAH member client/patient/student information. Exceptions are: a) when the client/patient/student gives written permission. b) when directed by a legally constituted court with jurisdiction.

3. Legality - Although Hypnotherapy is a “non- licensed” profession within the United States, all AAH members will:
a) Obey all national, state, federal and local laws and regulations concerning the practice of hypnosis/hypnotherapy pertinent to the geographic location where they are practicing.
b) AAH members will not discriminate because of race, religion, age, sex or national ancestry.
c) AAH members will advertise or promote their practices only according to the laws, customs and professional standards of the country/state/locality in which they practice and will not make unfounded claims for the efficacy of hypnotherapy.

4. Disclosure - Prior to entering into any professional relationship, the AAH member will disclose to the client/patient/student the nature of the services, the purpose of the services, the length of time anticipated and the cost for the services. No services will be given without a signed consent form from the client/patient/student.

5. Referral – All AAH members will refer any and all client/patient/student they are not qualified to handle.

6. Maintaining ethical relationships
a) No physical contact will occur between an AAH member and a client/patient/student. This includes but is not limited to, that of a sexual/emotional nature. This remains in effect for a minimum of one year after professional services have been terminated.
b) An AAH member must terminate his/her professional relationship with a client/patient/student when the client/patient/student can no longer benefit from his/her services.

7. Continuing Education – All AAH members will keep current with new innovations in their field of practice and shall keep membership fees current. All members will only work within the training and knowledge acquired through approved sources.

8. Personal Responsibility – Each AAH member agrees to the following:
I agree to conduct my practice and all professional interactions in strict accordance with AAH rules and regulations promulgated now or in the future. By accepting my Certification, I consent to the authority and jurisdiction of the AAH to promulgate such rules and regulations, as it may from time to time deem necessary and to take such action, including legal, as it deems necessary to enforce them. I am personally responsible for the quality and extent of the services I perform and do not hold AAH liable.